Gregory Hardin Files to Run for District 26 in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives

Shawnee, Oklahoma – On Wednesday April 13, 2022, Gregory Hardin has filed to be a Democratic candidate for District 26 in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives which consists of Shawnee, Bethel Acres, Dale, Johnson, Earlsboro, McLoud, and Tecumseh in North Central Pottawatomie County. Hardin is a 24-year-old lifelong resident of Shawnee, Oklahoma. A graduate of Shawnee High School, he also attended elementary & middle school at North Rock Creek. Since high school he has become a substitute teacher, an Oklahoma political commentator, and a college student majoring in History Education at the University of Central Oklahoma.

“I decided to become a teacher because I want to do something that was highly beneficial to society; similar to the reason why I started my YouTube Show, I wanted to inform more about what is going on in state and local government here in Oklahoma. When I started substitute teaching, I noticed quite a few students were using the same textbooks we used over a decade ago. I also noticed at Shawnee High School, even though I hadn’t graduated that long ago, almost all of the teachers I had in school were gone.”

Hardin has been a substitute teacher within the North Rock Creek, Pleasant Grove, Shawnee, and Oklahoma City public school districts. He has been drawn towards public service since he was a teenager. This drove him to become a teacher, a political commentator, and now he is hoping to serve the people of House District 26.

“When elected I will fight for the hardworking people of House District 26 to be empowered in their daily lives through improving public education, strengthening worker’s rights, and providing the necessary communication & transparency needed to best represent the district.”

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