State Sen. Mary Boren

“Gregory Hardin will be a great State Representative because he is a great listener, hard worker, and eager to serve with a humble heart. The best way to stop the partisan divisiveness is to elect people like Gregory who are focused on the future of Oklahoma instead of the future of think tanks and special interest groups fighting for power to control people and money.” – State Sen. Mary Boren

Here’s a video of Senator Boren, Rep. Jacob Rosecrants, and I talking about how parents are able to opt their students out of state testing.
Senator Boren talking about the bills she proposed during session in 2022.
Senator Boren talking with me about the 2021 session of the Oklahoma State Legislature.
Senator Boren talking with me about the bills she proposed in 2021.
My first interview with Mary Boren on my show in 2020. We talked about her upbringing and what made her run for office.